Take more videos

Do you think your life is boring? Your house isn't aesthetic, your thoughts aren't interesting? And whenever you get on video, you cannot, for the life of you, not cringe at the sound of your disgusting voice?

UGHHH Do I really sound like I have a cold all the time?!

Well, I certainly think that. And whenever you point a camera at me, an invisible awkward exoskeleton binds to my soul and I instantly "umm", "uhhh" my way through my answer to "What are you doing right now?"

Despite all this, I think you (and by that I mean me) should take A LOT MORE videos of my life.

They don't have to be scripted. Just turn on your video recorder, point it at someone, and ask "Whassup? How are you feeling?". If no one's around you, point the camera to your surroundings and talk about what's around you and what you're feeling.

A couple of days ago, I opened my Snapchat memories and found a video of my grandma and me. (In the video I'm asking my grandma to say "hi" to my sister so that I can send it to her later. However, she is refusing to greet someone who she can't see 😂)

It's so ordinary. So in-the-moment. Nothing spectacular was happening.

But recently, when she died, it became much more valuable than I could have known at the time. My mom sent it to all her siblings and for each of them, it was a small moment of humor in a dark, lonely time.

So, yeah. Take more videos, store them, and rewatch them.

PS: I am considering starting a vlog. Even though, it sounds super influencer-y, filiming and editing videos is quite fun!