Restarting a daily writing habit

Yesterday, while I was seeking my daily dopamine hit on,, and, I remembered something.

I had (inspired by Oliver Burkeman's advice to do charitable things the moment you think of them) emailed Mike Crittenden. I told him I loved his blog. I'm binging on your articles, please help me. You inspire me to write more on my blog and build a writing habit.

He replied:

Yes please do write more! I owe so much to writing this blog in the past year+ and now I don't know how I ever clarified my thinking without that. Keep me updated on your blogging! Hope to hear from you in a month or two saying that you've been consistent!

This was a year ago! Since then, I've only written 5 posts for my blog. And the thing is-- the quality of these posts doesn't justify the low number!

Here's the truth about my writing. I won't be moved to write long thought-provoking articles about the state of the world and the human condition in all its mysteries. But I do like to write and I don't want to see this blog die.

So, I am restarting my daily writing practice.

I will do it religiously until the end of the year, and if I hate it, I will stop.

Topics I could write about:

  • Today I learned (TIL)
  • Programming
  • What I think about certain quotes, articles, books
  • What I'm thinking about today
  • What's next