OOP Series #1 - Objects in Javascript

This is article #1 in the Javascript OOP Series. We will cover what objects are, what classes are, and create a basic object from a class.

What are objects?

Think of an object as a contained entity. They have some data that's relevant to them. And, they have functions that tell you what the object can do.

Think of a person-- specifically, a girl named Stacy who lives in Los Angeles, California.

Stacy Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

Stacy has some properties that characterize her:

  • a name: Stacy
  • an address: Los Angeles, California
  • a social security number: hidden
  • hair color: Blue
  • hobbies: knits, dances, reads, runs

In the programming world, we call these properties attributes.

Stacy also does things:

  • she eats
  • she sleeps
  • she wakes us every morning

We call these functions methods.

Stacy is an instance of a person.

Bob is another instance of a person. He has similar properties and functions as Stacy.

Bob Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Bob has:

  • a name: Bob
  • an address: Alberquerque, New Mexico
  • a social security number: hidden
  • hair color: Brown
  • hobbies: raises cattle, raises chicken, experiments in his lab, runs

Bob does:

  • he eats
  • he sleeps
  • he wakes us every morning

Both Bob and Stacy are instances of a person. An object is an instance of a class.


A class is a blueprint for objects. It tells us what attributes an object has and what the object can do.

If we were to create a Person class in Javascript, it would look something like this:

class Person {
  constructor(name, address, ssn, hobbies) {
    this.name = name;
    this.address = address;
    this.ssn = ssn;
    this.hobbies = hobbies;

  eats() {
    return `${this.name} is eating`;

  sleeps() {
    return `${this.name} is sleeping`;

  wakesUp() {
    return `${this.name} is waking up`;

  revealsHobbies() {
    return `${this.name}'s hobbies are ${this.hobbies.join(', ')}`;

This class tells us that any particular person has a name, address, ssn, and hobbies. A person eats, sleeps, wakes up, and reveals their hobbies to us.

Now, don't get confused by the this keyword. I will go through what it means and all its intricacies in a different post. But, for now, this refers to the instance of the Person we are creating. So, when we say this.name = name, we are binding the variable name to a particular instance.

So, what would Stacy look like in code?

const Stacy = new Person('Stacy', 'Los Angeles, California', 1234, [

Here, we define Stacy as an instance of a Person and input her particular attributes.

Here is how we make Stacy do stuff:


When we log in to our console, we see Stacy doing things

Object Method Console Log

That's it, folks

That's it with Post #1 in the Javascript OOP series! If you have any questions, my DMs are open!

Stay tuned for Post #2, where we'll cover the different ways you can create objects and define classes in Javascript.