A mini user story

I just wrote a post on setup issues I had with Android Studio. It was a rant post. It had no real conclusion and I'm not even sure how merited it was-- am I just complaining that the problem happened and I spent a really long time fixing it?

I wanted to post it and be done with today's post quota. But I am trying to complain less. I don't want to be the kind of person who complains a lot or rants about things without merit. So, instead of posting that, I am going to tell you a small story that happened yesterday that made me happy:

So, yesterday, we started releasing a feature that allows some of our users to contact us on WhatsApp instead of just calling us. I posted about this in our product updates channel to let everyone know that this will be happening.

A support rep I was working with on a bug messaged me. He said that the feature was super cool. But I don't see it on my phone. I know it's only going out to 1% of users but can I get it on my phone so I can play around with it?

That made my day. It was heartwarming to see someone so excited about a small feature and personally message me to see it on their phone.

This is the nice thing about working at Wave. People are excited when new things come out. I vaguely remember my friends being excited about some Instagram and Snapchat features a while ago but that excitement has waned even though they release cool features regularly.

"Sure!" I said. "Let me add you to the test group and you'll see it on your phone soon! Let me know if you see any issues 😅"

"Yes. I see it. Thank youuu 🥰"

I'm sure Wave will reach a point where people just expect cool features and stop getting excited over everything. But for now, I'll bask in the warm glow of their excitement ☀️