Building an MVP without any styles

The worst thing about starting a new project is getting bogged down by styles. It's addicting to go through the MANY different styling libraries and experiment around with what looks best and revel in the beauty of the non-functional webpage you just built.

So, I'm trying a new experiment--just use HTML+Javascript to build out an entire product. If you're having a hard time getting components on the screen, use Bulma. Once all the functionality is in, then look for styling libraries and try to make the design better.

If I'm creating a project using React, use ChakraUI because that's what I know best. Until I've reached a point where my styles look horrendous (to the users of the product--NOT YOU) and I can't do without a styling library, I will not switch.

The idea is to focus on building out the entire functionality before worrying about how the app looks.

I will update this blog post with how my experiment went. Hopefully, I'll be able to build things a lot faster and not psych myself out with how a product looks but rather, focus exclusively on what a product does.